Betty Lou’s New Just Great Stuff Bars

Posted in Nutritional Information on Thursday, June 3, 2010

Full of Amazing Nutrition!

Four new high-antioxidant bars have just been added to Betty Lou’s product line! These “Just Great Stuff” bars include: Superberry Acai, Cacao Acai, Fruit & Veggie, and Chocolate Covered Dream Greens. All of these bars taste so fresh and flavorful, that you wouldn’t believe they’re vegan, gluten-free, all natural, certified organic, and full of antioxidants! Betty Lou’s cares about quality and this new line of “Just Great Stuff” bars will satisfy all audiences, from children, to health-nuts, to those who love delicious junk food. But, these bars are definitely not junk food, so you won’t feel bad eating them!

A lot of thought, care, and patience were put into the development of these bars to ensure the quality, taste, and nutrition would stay at top-notch. We’ve used all natural freeze-dried fruits and vegetable powders, organic dried fruits, unsalted natural cashews, organic soy-free dark chocolate, wholesome cacao nibs and other great ingredients. All of the fruits and vegetables are whole and pure with no unnecessary carriers and are packed with nutrients and flavor!

Full of antioxidents, we tested the antioxident value of our Just Great Stuff Bars at a third party certified lab, Brunswick Laboratories. The Fruit and Veggie Bar tested out at 25,300 ORAC per bar, the Superberry Acai Bar tested out at 25,800 ORAC per bar, the Cacao Acai Bar came out at 34,100 ORAC per bar, and the Chocolate Dream Greens Bar ORAC value came out at 21,700 per bar. These will super-charge you and make you feel good!

The Fruit & Veggie bar helps you achieve your daily quota of fruits and vegetables. These organic green bars are sweet and chewy, and packed with carrot juice, spinach, kale, broccoli sprouts, raisins, dates, and dried bananas! The broccoli sprouts are extra special, with concentrated levels of Sulforaphane, a healthy phytonutrient. The Chocolate Covered Dream Greens bar is our Fruit & Veggie bar coated in a rich organic dark chocolate for a “dreamy” and healthy treat! Our Superberry Acai bar is full of “super” fruits including raspberry, acai, goji berries, and dried cranberries. Each bar has 1 full serving of fruit! And last but not least, the Cacao Acai bar tastes like a fudgy brownie with crunchy cacao nibs and acai. The cacao nibs are an antioxidant-rich pure alternative to chocolate chips. Your body will thank you for these delicious and nutritious snacks!

*These bars are truly “Just Great Stuff”! Great Quality, Great Ingredients, Great Taste, and Great Nutrition! Check out the Just Great Stuff bars under our product list for more details.

Happy Snacking!

~The Betty Lou’s R&D department:
Krista and Lisa Shepard, Betty Lou’s Inc. Nutrition Scientists and Susan Jeffries, Betty Lou’s Inc. Food Scientist

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