Avoid the Holiday Back-up, Eat More Fiber!

During the busy holiday season it is easy to skip healthy meals and instead eat “fast and convenient” foods as you dash around the shopping malls and your holiday gatherings. We all know these type of foods not only have too many calories and are high in unhealthy fats/oils, salt, and sugar; but they can also lead to bloat and constipation because they don’t give you the proper amount of fiber either.

Insufficient fiber has been associated with increased risks for many health problems including unhealthy levels of blood fats and blood sugars along with intestinal discomfort such as constipation. The good news is when your fiber intake rises, your intestinal health will improve as well.

So how do you get the fiber you need when you have no time to stop and eat a balanced meal? Pack a Stabilyze bar in your purse or car and you will easily add eight grams of dietary fiber to your daily intake and be well on your way to a happier gut. The high soluble fiber content and excellent digestive tolerance (which translates to less gas and bloating) of the fiber in each Stabilyze bar contributes to the optimum recommended levels required to obtain a beneficial effect on gut health and general well-being. And the best news, Stabilyze bars taste like a holiday treat!