Exciting New Bar Changes!

Dear Valued Customers, 

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new and improved version of the Stabilyze bars. Betty Lou’s became the owner of Stabilyze bars in September 2019. Since then, our product development team has been working diligently to create a nutritionally superior bar and we have just recently released the new bars with these improved features:

  1. A new sugar-free chocolate coating containing no maltitol.
  2. A chocolate coating that includes inulin to selectively support the proliferation of gut-friendly bacteria.
  3. All soy has been removed from the product.
  4. Reduced calories to 160-170 per bar to create a perfect, nutritionally packed snack.
  5. Contains 3 grams, or less, of sugar to help maintain stable blood sugar.
  6. Excellent macronutrient ratio to support healthy insulin balance and curb hunger attacks.
  7. Nutritionally supports healthy weight management and Keto programs.
  8. Now only 42 grams making it more affordable to manufacture with cost savings passed onto customers.

Betty Lou’s Stabilyze bars are made with premium ingredients in a gluten-free dedicated facility. We are sure you will enjoy these reformulated bars and benefit from their nutritional content.

Thank you for being a Betty Lou’s Stabilyze customer.


Betty Lou's