Focus on Your Health

With a busy life, it’s easy to skip healthy meals and consume “fast and convenient” foods on the go. Many times these type of foods are high in calories, unhealthy fats/oils, salt, sugar, and low in fiber.

Importance of Fiber

Historically, we consumed a lot more fiber and less sugar than we do today. Insufficient fiber has been associated with increased risks for many health problems including unhealthy levels of blood fats and blood sugars, and intestinal discomfort such as constipation. It’s a deficiency that’s easy to correct: just make Stabilyze nutrition bars a regular part of your diet to provide 8 grams of dietary fiber per bar.

The good news is when your fiber intake rises, so will your intestinal health. The high soluble fiber content and excellent digestive tolerance of the fiber in each Stabilyze bar contributes to the optimum recommended levels required to obtain a beneficial effect on gut healthy and general well-being. The best news of all is that the bars taste great so you can have the taste you like and the results you like: improved health.

Glycemic Index

Our glycemic intake and corresponding insulin response are major players in our body’s delicate and essential equilibrium. Stabilyze bars support a healthy glycemic response including blood sugar stability. The combination of fiber, healthy fats and oils from nut butters, protein (at least 11 grams per bar), and low sugar content help take care of your body and support a healthy metabolism.


The combination of nutrients in Stabilyze bars help promote satiety and are a useful snack to eat prior to running errands or going out to dinner with friends to avoid overeating. Plus you get all the benefits of fiber, healthy fats and oils, protein—and low sugar content.