Fruits and Nuts: Healthy Snacks That Satisfy and Support Wellness

A natural diet includes a variety of fruits and nuts to support whole-body wellness. Research is proving the direct benefits of a healthy natural diet, while parents and fitness-minded individuals are finding healthy snack ideas and delicious treats to feel good about from Betty Lou’s.

Including the best-quality fruits and fresh organic nuts has been a part of Betty’s philosophy since the beginning. We know that having satisfying snacks ready to go will keep our children and ourselves energized and focused all day long.

Yet what, specifically, will these healthy fruit and nut snacks do for our bodies?

The Health Benefits of Fruits

Lately, some people are eliminating fruit from their diet because it is high in natural sugar. This naturally occurring sugar is a healthy energy source, and our appetite for fruit stems from its rich vitamin and mineral content. Fruit is bursting with folate, vitamin C, potassium, natural fiber, and other key nutrients.

When we crave something sweet, fruit is a perfect choice. Unlike artificial sweeteners, the natural sugar in fruit satisfies the craving and brings with it the nutrition that the body is seeking. Using only naturally occurring sugar helps keep the body’s metabolism in balance.

Does Eating Fruit Prevent Disease?

A diet rich in fruit reduces the risk of these conditions: [1]

  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Constipation
  • Diverticulosis
  • Bowel Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • The Health Benefits of Nuts

    Some people steer away from choosing nuts as healthy snacks for work because of the way they are represented on food labels. Nuts have a high fat content, but these are the good fats that promote heart health, combined with protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

    The relatively high calorie content of nuts is also misleading. The body really only digests a portion of those calories, and a small portion will make us feel full. When you are looking for healthy snack ideas, nuts are a great choice, with a wealth of health benefits.

    Does Eating Nuts Prevent Disease?

    Research has shown that eating nuts can have these preventative health effects: [123]

  • Combating Oxidative Stress
  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Promoting Heart Health
  • Fighting Cancer
  • Reducing the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Eliminating Inflammation
  • Supporting Eyesight
  • Enhancing Brain Function
  • Lowering Alzheimer’s Risk
  • How Does Eating Fruit and Nuts Support Overall Wellness?

    These nutritious choices, eaten together, as they are in Betty Lou’s organic Just Great Stuff nutrition bars, also offer a variety of direct wellness benefits, including:

  • Boosting Energy—Both Short- and Long-Term
  • Promoting Wound Healing
  • Enhancing Healthy Skin, Teeth, and Gums
  • Protecting Eyesight
  • Strengthening Bones
  • Building a Strong Immune System
  • Supporting Healthy Metabolism.
  • Promoting Healthy Pregnancies and Child Development
  • Protecting Cells from Damage Caused by Free Radicals

  • Are Fruits and Nuts a Good Choice When Dieting?

    Looking only at low-calorie snacks might leave you feeling hungry and prone to grazing. While celery sticks and rice cakes are famously low in calorie content, they don’t satisfy cravings for protein and vitamin C like fruit and nuts will.

    Comparisons of diet plans have shown that those which allow fruit and nuts achieve more success than those which ban them.[1] Calorie intake simply doesn’t matter as much as whether the food we choose is healthy and nutritious. Extra helpings of fruits and nuts to achieve fullness and indulge sweet cravings help satisfy completely and stop cyclical snacking.

    Almonds, in particular, have a noted effect at decreasing size and supporting weight loss, with a recent study showing that, for dieting women, adding a few almonds in combination with other healthy foods reduced their waist sizes almost three times as much as the control group that did not add almonds to its diet.[3]

    Best Snacks on the Go for Everyone from Betty Lou

    How to eat healthily is being redefined. The quality and purity of our food have the greatest impact on our well-being, but taste is the deciding factor when it comes to choosing what we and our children eat.

    Choosing what tastes good is finally the right choice, with these tremendously delicious and customer-recommended snacks for all ages:

    • Nuts about Energy Balls. These amazing snacks feature almond butter, cashew/pecan, or chili/chocolate flavors and are a huge hit with kids and teens, providing both quick and long-lasting energy with satisfying nutritious fats.
    • Fruit Bars. These healthy treats taste like a piece of pie and are vegan and gluten-free. They feature real apple, blueberry, and apricot for a sweet treat with heart-health benefits. These are a parent favorite for kid’s lunches and a kid favorite for taste!
    • Just Great Stuff Bars. These delicious organic food bars come in perfect combinations, which include organic fruit and veggie flavor or the exquisite chocolate dream greens. These on-the-go snacks are rich in organic nuts, vegetables, and fruits for the perfect antioxidant boost.
    • PB&J Bars. A popular and familiar snack for kids, and a nostalgic treat for all of us, these bars bring together blueberries or strawberries and organic peanut butter, with very little fat, and they are sweetened with natural fruit juice. A fantastic start to healthier snacking for your kids!
    • Organic Powdered Peanut Butter. Organic peanuts and coconut sugar are combined with pure sea salt for a true peanut butter taste with a rich mouth-feel. This peanut butter contains 90% less fat than the manufactured variety, opening up all sorts of new snacking options and sparking your cooking creativity.
    • Sample Packs. With Betty Lou’s convenient sample packs, it is easy to find your family’s favorites and your own tasty treats. What a great way to step into a whole new world of flavors and wholesome goodness!

    Real Food and Healthy Snacks Just Taste Better

    Are you ready to try some amazing fruit and nut combinations that will keep your family coming back for more? Will you replace one snack a day or transform your eating choices all at once? The first step may be filling your cupboards with the right options and flavorful varieties, and then listening to what your body wants.

    Challenge the stereotype of what healthy snacks should taste like. Real food ingredients that are all-natural form the basis of all Betty’s recipes, and her gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO creations keep amazing new customers and changing eating habits nationwide.

    These healthy fruit and nut options aren’t all that are in Betty’s kitchen for you and your family. Stop by and read the tasty testimonials proving that people of all ages can love snacking healthfully. Browse Betty’s healthy snack ideas or try a heart-healthy recipe today and experience the difference that Betty Lou’s creations can make for you and your family!