Gluten-Free Snacks for On the Go

We all know the feeling of being “hangery,” and unfortunately, those on a gluten-free diet know the feeling tenfold. Grabbing a bite to eat on the go, or to tide yourself over until the next meal can be a difficult task for the gluten intolerant. However, planning ahead to pack snacks just might be the boost you need in your day. What better way to keep yourself energized and ready to tackle anything that comes your way than through grabbing a gluten free snack to go. To celebrate Gluten Free month, here is a list of delicious gluten free snacks to enjoy practically anywhere and anytime.

No Need to Refrigerate

A “To-go” snack certainly does not meet the standard if you cannot stash it in your desk drawer, purse, car, duffle bag, or even your pocket. Your snacks should be ready to go when you are. The following gluten free pickups are ideal energy boosters to keep with you at all times.

Gluten-Free Bars

Nutritional bars have stepped up their game to offer a wide range of options. However, not all bars are the same. When you need an afternoon snack it is best to choose one that will be satisfying, but not leave you with a sugar crash an hour later. Stabilyze products are the top choice for balancing blood sugar levels and replenishing electrolytes. This quick gluten free snack is perfect on the go because of the high-quality ingredients and nutritional value wrapped into a small package. When enjoying a Stabilyze bar, you can go about your day knowing you made a healthy choice that will sustain you for the events ahead. Not to mention the bars come in a variety of delicious flavors. 

Freeze Dried Veggies

One of the more recent items on the shelf are freeze dried foods, and they are transforming the way we look at veggies. These veggies taste great and are easy to snack on, making eating our vegetables more fun than ever before.


From healthy, unsaturated fats and Omega-3 fatty acids, to fiber and vitamin E, nuts are the perfect snack to take on the go. Just make sure the brand labels their product as certified gluten-free.

Trail Mix

If nuts alone are not your snack of choice, add a little natural sugar to the mix via dried fruits and sweets. There are seemingly endless combinations of trail mix on the shelves these days, but if the brands are not certified as gluten free, ditch them! You can make your own trail mix out of your favorite gluten free dried fruits, granola, or freeze-dried veggies. The mix is yours to choose. 

Fresh Fruit

If you are really craving a fruity sugar rush, a more nutritional option to sugar free candy is to pack along fresh fruit. Travel approved fruits consist of apples, bananas, grapes, pears, oranges, and the list just keeps going. While fruit satisfies the need for sweets, the fiber in the fruit will offer a sustained source of energy for a more invigorated day. Keep in mind that fresh fruits should be eaten in moderation as they contain high levels of sugar.

Rice Cakes and Popcorn

Rice cakes and popcorn can easily be overlooked in the world of gluten free snacks. Perhaps it is their reputation for bland flavors. You can mix up these bland snacks with your favorite seasonings. Or add a little chili powder to gluten free rice cakes and enjoying them with a slice of cheese on top. Use your imagination and taste buds to create a sweet or salty treat ready for travel.

Crackers and Pretzels

There are a range of gluten-free cracker and pretzel options on the shelves of most major stores these days. These gluten free options are wonderful to grab and go, but remember to check out the ingredients. Just because the products are gluten free, does not mean they are the best choice for offering nutritional value and sustaining your energy throughout the day. Taste is another factor that plays into choosing store bought gluten free products. If you are not a fan of the premade gluten free options, there are several recipes for baking your own gluten free snacks to take on the go. 


Just like with many other gluten free products, you can find options on a store’s shelf, but in some cases, you are better off making your own. Granola is one of those items that is surprisingly easy to make. Use gluten-free rolled oats maple syrup or honey, nuts, olive oil, and any other ingredients to make your granola custom to you. Then mix up the ingredients, and bake in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes.

With a little preparation you can have snacks ready for a healthy boost in your day. The snacks above can provide energy for the events ahead without a sugar crash. Beat the hunger bug before it ever effects your day, and never risk the chance of being “hangry” again.